Robyn Newhouse Hall Specifications

Seating:        160 permanent, tiered seating (220 overflow)
Stage:           450 square foot stage
Sound:          16 channel, state-of-the-art house sound system
Lights:          24 fader, 2-scene house lighting system
Projection:    9’x12′ retractable screen / house video projector
Gallery:         1,200 square foot gallery / reception / meeting area
Piano:            6′ Yamaha baby grand piano
Computer:    PowerPoint connection / WiFi
Misc:             Podium w/microphone / CD & DVD players

The Hall is highlighted by a spectacular 1933 mural of the American urban landscape by Carroll Bill. During almost any given week you can hear a variety of concerts showcasing young artists, distinguished visiting musicians, or student or faculty performances in a range of musical styles. This beautiful 1930’s Art Deco hall is available for outside organizations seeking a venue for meetings and special events.

For more information or to book your upcoming meeting, concert or event, please contact our Concert Hall Manager, Steve Moser at or call 413-732-8428 to schedule an appointment.