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Become part of something truly remarkable.

Whether as a parent, student or sponsor, your partnership with the Community Music School is a sound investment! The following are some examples of the impact your donation can make:

Support an instrumental music program as part of CMSS’ Sonido Musica partnership with the Springfield Public Schools$1000

Take one child off the financial aid waitlist$600

Support a local community center’s Hip Hop residency program$500

Provide a semester of music lessons for a Springfield child in foster care$400

Provide a semester of participation in the String City Youth Orchestra for a child$200

Provide a one-year instrument rental for a child beginning their musical journey$100

Provide one music lesson for a child whose family cannot afford to pay$35

Provide a young child and her parent an early childhood music class$18

Help support CMSS in providing access to the musical arts.Other (choose amount)

Sound Investment