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Music Therapy


Music Therapy instructor Jen Kass with a student

Music Therapy instruction is offered at CMSS for children and adults with developmental delays, special education students, and individuals diagnosed with autism, as well as other emotional and other issues.

Music Therapy instructor Ben Rosenthal

Music Therapy can be used to reach physical goals involving gross and fine motor skills as well as to address behavioral issues. Music Therapy at CMSS is a clinical and evidenced based approach utilized to accomplish individualized goals by a credentialed professional.

Music Therapy instruction at CMSS takes place once per week for a 55 minute session. Group instruction can be arranged. Tuition for individual instruction is $65 per lesson for a total of $1,170 for an 18 week semester.

Please contact Brooke Hopkins, Director of Enrollment, for more information at 413-732-8428 ext. 104 or bhopkins@communitymusicschool.com