Student Placement

It is advisable that students discuss their lesson interests with the Registrar prior to enrollment. We make every effort to ensure an excellent placement between students and our professional faculty. Placements and lesson times are determined by a combination of factors including:

  • The student’s interest in a particular instrument or genre
  • The student’s age, personality and learning style
  • A faculty member’s availability and the student’s ability to attend lessons during a particular day and time

For private lessons, there are 36 lessons in a full school year. Students may enroll at any time during the year, and lessons will be pro-rated based on how many lessons are remaining in the school year.

For group classes and ensembles, there are 34 classes in a full school year. Not all classes all available for late registration. Please speak with the Registrar about pro-rating class tuition.

How to Register

  1. Fill out and sign the Registration Form.  Please note that if emailing your registration form, typing your name at the bottom and sending the registration form from your email address qualifies the typed signature as a digital signature and obligates the student and/or parent/guardian to abide by CMSS Policies and Procedures.
    If you were registered at CMSS for the 2017-18 school year, please use this 2018-19 Re-Registration Form. For all others, here is the New Student 2018-19 Registration Form.
  2. Speak with our Registrar to determine placement of the student.
    Contact information:
    Phone: 413-732-8428
    Fax: 413-788-7270
  3. Arrange payment plan with Registrar.

Where To Get Your Musical Supplies

Policies and Procedures

2018 Summer Calendar

2018-2019 CMSS Calendar

Tuition Information

Registration fee for new students:
Individual: $50
Family: $10 for each additional child

Registration fee for returning students:
Individual: $40
Family: $10 for each additional child

Private lesson prices:

Length of Lesson             Price per Lesson        Semi-Annual Payment        Full Year Tuition

30 minutes                                $36                             $648                                   $1,296
45 minutes                                $47                             $846                                   $1,692
60 minutes                                $62                             $1,116                                $2,232

If you would like us to automatically charge your monthly tuition payment, please submit this Credit Card Authorization Form with your registration form.

To apply for Financial Aid, please use our Financial Aid Application Form.