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We offer a comprehensive, child-centered preschool curriculum with a unique emphasis on incorporating sound, movement, visual art and storytelling into all aspects of the program. The children are encouraged to become more aware of their aural and spatial environment, and to feel that the arts are an important part of their world. Music and movement activities in the classroom include singing, listening, playing instruments, composition, acting out stories and musicals, and building a repertoire of multicultural songs, representing the many cultures within our community. Musical activities are used to develop an awareness and understanding of concepts throughout the curriculum.

In addition to music and movement, the program includes a balance of individual and group activities including science exploration, math, early literacy, reading, visual arts projects, story-telling, social studies, diverse cultural experiences, museum field trips, and outdoor play. We encourage each child to become a responsible and involved learner and promote emotional and physical well-being through developmentally appropriate experiences.