Little Notes Curriculum

Early Childhood is a precious time for both you and your little one.

Little Notes has been carefully designed with the young child’s developing mind and inquisitive spirit close at heart.
Through exploration of song, movement, and various percussive and tonal instruments that your child will have access to
in these classes, you will note the following benefits of this experience among many others:

  • Cognitive development – Music is an extraordinary tool in aiding the development of language and communication skills.
  • Fine and Gross motor skills – Hand and finger play, full body movement with use of parachutes and scarves, and ball-rolling are paired with appropriate songs to encourage coordination and dexterity. Basic Rhythmic concepts are used to guide children through new physical experiences.
  • Social Empowerment – Whether your child is a bit shy or the “life of the party”, he/she will have an opportunity to shine and find ease with both peers and grown-ups through the fun and freedom of exploring music in a community-oriented environment.
  • Emotional Empowerment – No need to wait until adulthood to learn the therapeutic value of music. Children can learn, from day one, how music can be used to access and express emotion.

Because young children often look to their grown-ups for cues in a new environment, parents/caregivers are encouraged to fully participate in all activities. When your little one sees what fun you are having, they will follow your lead!