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About Prelude: A Unique Arts-Integrated Preschool

Prelude Preschool of the Arts builds on a distinguished tradition of early childhood arts education at the Community
Music School of Springfield. Since its very beginnings, CMSS has been committed to opening the doors to the wonders of
the art and music for young children. Prelude welcomes children as young as 2 years 9 months.Prelude is housed in our magnificent Art Deco building with state of the art classrooms, music performance space, and a
private outdoor play area.Prelude curriculum is based on the belief that children are active participants in the learning process and that they
learn and express their understanding of concepts in many creative and artistic languages.

Prelude is the only arts-integrated early childhood education program in Western Massachusetts. The program
incorporates the study of Suzuki violin, guitar, percussion, children’s chorus, dance, yoga, foreign language and
visual arts within a comprehensive academic curriculum. All artist residencies are taught by specialists distinguished
in their respective fields of expertise.

Our unique program features

  • Comprehensive Academic Arts-Integrated Curriculum
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Language and Literature
  • Music, Dance and Visual Arts
  • Creative Thinking
  • Community Spirit
  • Scientific Exploration
  • Social and Cultural Studies
  • Art Exploration
  • Individual Expression

Our Mission

At Prelude Preschool of the Arts, a program of the Community Music School of Springfield, we provide a nurturing
environment that encourages individual expression, inspires creativity, promotes a sense of community spirit, and
prepares children for a future of personal and academic success. We offer a comprehensive academic curriculum with an
integrated arts approach where children grow to feel that music, visual arts, and dance are important parts of their

Our Philosophy

Our dedicated teachers create a balanced program that includes language & literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific
exploration, social studies, dramatic play, visual arts, music, creative movement and outdoor play. In our
child-centered classrooms we question, wonder, explore and discover the natural world around us. Developmentally
appropriate individual and group activities foster emotional and physical well-being, enabling children to become
confident, independent thinkers who are creative and passionate about learning. And, most importantly, we pride
ourselves on meeting children where they are as we guide them toward their richest learning.

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